The TCBTS conference was held on Sunday 1st October 2017 – Title:  “The Dog’s Nose Knows”.

A huge thank you goes to our sponsors for this year, Fish4Dogs.

We were honoured to have, as one of our guests, Dr Laura Gil Martens, DVM, PhD, who travelled from Norway to speak to our delegates and enlightened us on the health benefits of a fish based diet for dogs.

Every stage of a dog’s life can benefit from including fish in the diet. It can support brain and eye development, strengthen the immune system, improve
cardiovascular function and even has anti-inflammatory properties to help dogs with joint issues.

The presentation highlighted how Fish4Dogs take great care in preparing their food. This topic provoked much discussion and many questions from those
attending. Dr Laura Gil Marten’s provided detail, not only about the fish diet itself, but also about its preparation and health benefits for animals. The information was highly supported by in-depth research from scientific literature, which also linked the ingredients to positive effects on canine behaviour.

Thank you Dr Laura Gil Martens – a superb talk that whet our appetite for more.

 Comments from attendees:

‘It has been my first seminar and have enjoyed it very much, thank you’.
‘Smashing day, thank you.  I like the changes, good speakers and cracking good topic’.
‘Excellent speakers and fascinating topics’.
‘Thoroughly enjoyable’.