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This is rarely offered before the minimum period as a provisional member.

Provisional members are only accepted as full members after satisfying our Board of their suitability, which includes at least one consultation observed by a Board member.

External applications is initially by an in-depth written application form which is reviewed by the Board. If the experience of the applicant is felt to be appropriate, then an interview arranged.

Applicants for full membership will normally have a minimum of 600 hours practical dog training experience with a variety of dogs.

Successful applicants should have a broad understanding of the latest science, research and interventions within the field of canine behaviour. They should employ effective, ethical training methods and evidence a commitment to continuing education, counselling and teaching skills.

Applicants for full membership as a canine behaviourist will normally be required to hold an ABTC validated/ accredited level 5 or 6 qualification, or equivalent, in canine behaviour; the Compass ADipCBM is one example of an accredited level 5 qualification.

Candidates for full membership will normally be able to evidence they have had at least 100 behaviour consultations over a three year period. Those progressing from provisional status will have submitted and passed up to twelve supervised case studies and passed a number of observed behaviour consultations.

The annual fee for full TCBTS membership is £60.

All full members must carry professional indemnity and third party insurance.

Full members are entitled to use “Member of TCBTS” after their names. Use of “TCBTS“ is personal to them, must only be linked directly with the member’s name and cannot be used by any other organisation of which that TCBTS member is a part.

All TCBTS Affiliates must comply with the strict TCBTS Code of Ethics and Practice.

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