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Applicants for provisional membership will  have successfully completed an ABTC accredited level 5 qualification. Please refer to ABTC for guidance.

Application will be considered upon completion of an in-depth application form, a detailed CV and verification by two referees. Referees should know the applicant personally; academic references will not suffice.

Applicants for provisional membership will usually be interviewed by the Board prior to offer of membership.

Over the provisional period, it is expected that successful applicants will continue to advance their dog training, counselling, history taking and observational skills, observing consultations with established practitioners.

Provisional members will also be expected to fulfil the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, as set by the Board.

The purpose of provisional membership is to allow the TCBTS to supervise and support the professional development of the individual involved. Provisional members are closely monitored and guided by TCBTS Report Supervisors, who review written reports to clients, which are submitted on a regular basis for feedback and discussion.

Normally, provisional members remain at this membership level for at least a year, over which time they submit up to twelve case studies with written reports for supervision, together with evidence of CPD.

The annual fee for provisional TCBTS membership is £100.

All Provisional members must carry professional indemnity and third party insurance.

All TCBTS Affiliates must comply with the strict TCBTS Code of Ethics and Practice.

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