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Applicants may be accepted for provisional membership when they have successfully completed an ABTC recognised qualification for ABT or CAB, or have received ASAB Pre-certification.  Please see ABTC  for recognised courses.


To apply for provisional membership, please complete the provisional application form and provide proof of qualifications.


The annual fee for provisional TCBTS membership is £100.


Provisional members will have access to our members only Facebook group, Zoom meet ups, member’s only events and discounts for any webinars or events hosted by TCBTS.


Provisional members will go through a period of working with a mentor and then report supervisors who will guide and support the development of the individual involved.  During this time they will submit twelve case summaries with written client reports for assessment, and once ready will be able to apply for full membership.


All Provisional members must carry professional indemnity and third party insurance.


All TCBTS Members must comply with the TCBTS Code of Practice.

if you would like to become a member.

if you have any questions about Provisional TCBTS Membership.

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