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How TCBTS Works

Need Professional Help?

Behaviour consultations usually take place at your home, as it’s important to observe your dog’s behaviour in their own environment. If your dog’s behaviour problems occur off property, your behaviourist may accompany you to a park or open space. Occasionally, consults may take place at the behaviourist’s practice or at the veterinary centre.

During the consultation

  • Presenting issues are explored systematically.
  • The client is counselled and advised on considered interventions with realistic timescales and expectations.
  • The client may also be guided through appropriate practical training steps.

After the consultation

  • A full report is made to the client, and/or veterinary surgeon.
  • A behaviour modification programme is outlined including any training and other interventions.
  • Follow-up sessions may be necessary.
  • Post consultation, support and follow-up are available by telephone or email for an agreed period.
  • Communication with referring practitioners is continued, as necessary.

If your dog has a behaviour problem we recommend a full veterinary check-up prior to the consultation in case your dog is suffering from a physical condition that could be contributing to the unwanted behaviour.

Veterinary surgeons may refer clients for a full behaviour consultation or for remedial training. Either way, we like to work closely with local vets and may share your consultation notes with them if we feel it useful to do so.