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Veterinary Referral to TCBTS members

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About Veterinary Referral

For owners needing help with teaching their dog, there have never been more people offering training and behavioural services than there are now. But this has created a problem. Currently there is no regulation of behaviourists and trainers. Anyone can call themselves a behaviourist or trainer and set themselves up in business, often offer advice that may inaccurate and ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst. It is important therefore that members of the veterinary profession refer, when necessary, to a qualified behaviourist or trainer who can not only offer a high standard of expertise but is subject to accountability.

All TCBTS members are committed to the Code of Ethics and Practice which means that they are required to offer a service that meets those standards and are answerable to the organisation should there be a complaint. In addition Professional Indemnity Insurance is mandatory. Members like to work closely with the veterinary profession and following a behaviour consultation a copy of the report to the client is normally sent to their vet.

A number of TCBTS members advise vets and veterinary nurses on the running of puppy socialisation classes. They may either run or assist in running them in their local practice.

To learn more on how you refer your clients to a member of TCBTS please get in touch.