Full Membership

We invite applications from candidates who have already been assessed and approved for ABTC ABT, CAB or ASAB CCAB.


Acceptance of a direct application for full membership will be subject to an in-depth interview.


To apply for full membership, please complete the full member application form and provide proof of ABTC or ASAB assessment.


The annual fee for full TCBTS membership is £75.


Full members will have access to our members only Facebook group, Zoom meet ups, member’s only events and discounts for any webinars or events hosted by TCBTS.


All Full members must carry professional indemnity and third party insurance.


Only full members are entitled to use “Member of TCBTS” after their names. Use of “TCBTS“ is personal to them, must only be linked directly with the member’s name and cannot be used by any other organisation of which that TCBTS member is a part.


All TCBTS Members must comply with the TCBTS Code of Practice.

Membership Application Forms

Full Member (Behaviourist)