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Our canine behaviourists are all qualified and accredited by the ABTC at the relevant level, as well as having the experience and practical skills needed to help clients and their dogs.

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2021 CONFERENCETCBTS are pleased to announce our 2021 Annual Conference: Identifying Traumatised Dogs and How to Support Them.A fascinating and revealing exploration into the major impacts of PTSD in dogs and what differentiates this from other anxiety disorders and conditions. Our speakers will examine strategies that best support the PTSD dog and owner, from behaviour modification to medication.More Info
2 Days; 17th Oct & 7th Nov 2021
Mission Statement Members of TCBTS inspire owners by implementing solutions to dog behaviour and training problems using kind positive methods and recognise that the welfare of the dog is paramount in accordance with the ABTC code of practice.
Why become a member?TCBTS is an ABTC practitioner organisation with a wide network of members.  We believe that a combination of academic study and hands on practical experience is essential for anyone working as a dog trainer or behaviourist. 
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