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TCBTS 2022 CONFERENCEImpulsivity and Frustration in Dogs: Understanding Principles and Applying Them to Practice with Helen ZulchAn accurate assessment of the underlying cause of behaviour is key to constructing an appropriate intervention when we would like to change that behaviour. Understanding aspects such as emotion, motivation and temperament, as well as being able to measure them can help us to make more precise behavioural assessments. This conference will consider the development and use of some behaviour measurement instruments pertaining to temperament and affect before considering in more detail two of these; impulsivity and frustration. After covering theoretical aspects, their application in clinical behaviour will be discussed.More Info
Part 1: 23rd Oct Part 2: 6th Nov
Mission Statement Members of TCBTS inspire owners by implementing solutions to dog behaviour and training problems using kind positive methods and recognise that the welfare of the dog is paramount in accordance with the ABTC code of practice.
Why become a member?TCBTS is an ABTC practitioner organisation with a wide network of members.  We believe that a combination of academic study and hands on practical experience is essential for anyone working as a dog trainer or behaviourist. 
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