Information for Vets

Our canine behaviourists are experts in the field of canine behaviour.  They are highly qualified and conversant with the latest science and research in behaviour modification, as well as having the practical skills needed to help clients and their dogs.  

Our behaviourists can help with issues including:

  • Aggressive behaviour towards humans, other dogs or other animals
  • Separation related issues including destructiveness
  • Chasing: cars, bikes, joggers, livestock, wildlife
  • Inappropriate barking
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Phobias
  • Nervous or fearful behaviour
  • Sound sensitivity towards fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic
  • Resource guarding
Our members work closely with their client’s vet and take clients on vet referral.

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Why we prefer veterinary referral? 
There is an increasing body of research linking the effects of ill-health and behaviour.  This can manifest via aggression, separation distress, possessive behaviour, hyperactive behaviour, fearful and phobic behaviour or withdrawn behaviour, to name but a few.

Our job as behaviourists is to examine the history and presenting signs, consider the likely predisposing, initiating and maintenance factors pertaining to the case and help our clients understand why a problem has developed and how to improve matters.  Many behaviour problems may be initiated by the onset of pain or disease, or can be exacerbated by the onset of pain or disease, or memory of pain.
It is also important to us that we have a contact to communicate with, should there be a need to discuss any concerns which a behaviourist may identify in the course of in-depth discussion or observations, or discuss the potential use of psychotropic medication, dietary change if there is a concern there, or the use of nutraceuticals.
As an ABTC-registered organisation, we welcome the expansion of the RCVS’s influence to include paraprofessionals. Our full members are CAB, AAB or ABT ABTC practitioners. This means they follow the ABTC code of conduct
Our clients can claim for their consultation fees, subject to their policy.  (Currently CAB Members only)