Provisional Membership

 Applicants may be accepted for provisional membership with a minimum of a Level 5 qualification.  They may have successfully completed an ABTC recognised qualification for ABT or CAB, have received ASAB Pre-certification, or may have other qualifications.  Please see ABTC  for recognised courses and ABTC ABT Standard or ABTC CAB Standard for more information.


To apply for provisional membership, please complete the provisional application form and provide proof of qualifications.

Provisional members will go through the process of evidencing that their qualifications meet the required standard (unless they have undertaken ABTC recognised courses).  They will continue to gain practical experience, undertake further study if required and prepare for either ABT or CAB assessment.  Provisional members will be allocated a mentor for support in addition to normal member benefits. Once ready, provisional members may apply to be assessed for the relevant ABTC role. 

The annual fee for provisional TCBTS membership is £120.


Provisional members will have access to our members only Facebook group, Zoom meet ups, member’s only events and discounts for any webinars or events hosted by TCBTS.

All Provisional members must carry professional indemnity and third party insurance.


All TCBTS Members must comply with the TCBTS Code of Practice.

Membership Application Forms

Provisional Member