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01/10/2021 - Latest News

Type content here ...Bonfire Night – A little preparation can save a lot of distress
As the nights draw in, its nearly Bonfire night again. Whether your dog is noise sensitive of not, the bangs associated with fireworks can cause distress and anxiety in any dog. With a few simple steps, we can minimise this stress and make sure everyone has a good time on Bonfire Night.

  1. Walk early, during full daylight, avoiding early evening onwards. People entertaining with fireworks at home often have young children, so they celebrate earlier than some of the main displays, sometimes while it’s still a light outside. Walk during the day if you can, staying home at high-risk times.
  2. Cover noise can help to dull the sound of the fireworks. Having a telly or radio turned on is a good idea, to help your dog to remain settled.
  3. Closing curtains and blinds, windows and doors will dull the noise from outside even further.
  4. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible, avoiding showing your dog you are worrying about them, even if you feel nervous about their reaction. Dogs are very perceptive when it comes to human body language and they are often very aware of changes to behaviour. IF you are calm and relaxed, your dog is more likely to be calm and relaxed too.
  5. Bang = Treat. For those dogs who seem a little worried, dropping a treat for your dog each time there is a bang can help your dog to associate the noise with treats, helping them to feel better.
  6.  Seek professional help if your dog is very anxious about loud noises. This is not something that is likely to resolve on its own.

If you know your dog is worried by loud noises, it is always best to seek help from your vet or a qualified Behaviorist before bonfire night, so that you can address your dog’s fears early. A professional will be able to identify more ways to help your dog. Find a qualified specialist at www.tcbts.co.uk/gethelp
The TCBTS Board 😊