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18/09/2021 - Events

Type content here ...18 September 2021
Roll up, roll up! Get your tickets now!
The TCBTS Annual Conference is coming up quickly – only 4 weeks until the first session! Have you got your tickets yet? If not, hurry! They’re going fast!
This year’s event is online due to the ups and downs of Covid 19 over the last 12 months, which means you can join us from the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait to have you along!
This year we’ll be looking at Identifying Traumatised Dogs and How to Support Them, with wonderful guest speakers Debbie Busby and Amber Batson. The events been split into two sections, with Debbie speaking on the 17th October and Amber on the 7th November.  The best news? One ticket gets you BOTH days!
17th October 10am-2pm: Debbie will introduce PTSD and explore research on humans and dogs suffering from this disorder. She’ll be looking at differences between post trauma stress and post-traumatic stress disorder, how PTSD might be experienced by dogs including behavioural signs and how to differentiate this behaviourally from other disorders. She will also include treatment strategies, approaches to training and the impact on the owner of their dogs trauma.
7th November 10am-2pm: Amber will discuss veterinary differentials that need to be ruled out before concluding the dog is suffering from PTSD, the neurobiology of trauma, the effects of the environment on trauma neurobiology, medications and how these can be used to help with recovery from trauma.
For tickets for this and other TCBTS Events, simply follow the link:
See you there!
The TCBTS Board  😊