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02/07/2021 - Events

Top Tips for Fun in the Sun !
The sun’s out, its time for a well-deserved summer break! Whether its trips to the beach, days out in the Lake District or lazing around in the garden at home, be sure to keep your canine companion cool and comfortable so everyone is having a good time this summer.

  • Shade – provide your dog a shady spot to lie in, where the ground is cooler and they are out of direct sunlight. Cooling mats or a damp towel to lie on can be useful too.
  • Slurp & Snack – provide constant access to cool water to drink. Providing frozen pet-safe snacks in slow feeders can be a great way to help your dog cool down too.
  • Sunscreen – use pet-safe sunscreen on exposed skin, such as ear tips or nose. Ask your vet for guidance if you’re not sure.
  • Seven seconds test – if you cannot hold your hand to the tarmac comfortably for seven seconds, it’s too hot for paws! The best time for walks is early morning, before the day gets too hot, or very late evening, when the day has cooled again.
  • Summer Strategy – It’s best to do your research and plan ahead for days out. Some parks and beaches will have seasonal Public Space Protection Orders meaning dogs are not allowed access, some with hefty fines for those found disregarding the rules. Check before you travel, so you can all enjoy your day!
  • Safe travel – never, ever, leave your dog alone in the car in summer. The heat in cars kills dogs every year. Stay safe and take your dog with you when you leave the vehicle.

Happy holidays everyone!
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